IP change  

Posted by: AM-Addiction

The site is actually not down. My host has changed DataCenter and hence the Ip has change. The DNS change has not taken place yet so if you want to get to the site, use this address:

I know you cant login because it will bring you back to the old IP. I am trying to get the DNS done as soon as possible.

I know there is some problem in posting comments, I'll look into it later.

Guess what?  

Posted by: AM-Addiction

I suppose at this stage I really sound like a broken record. Even after moving host, the new host now facing a lot of problems. I guess I am unlucky. The new host is moving datacenters, so I may decide to stay with them depending how long it takes for them to move. If it takes more than 24 hours, I may yet again move to another host. Problem is, if I do that now, some database will be lost again.

Again I am truly sorry for all these downtime, thank you for your patience.

Site is temporarily down  

Posted by: AM-Addiction

The site is down probably due to maintainence of the server. I dont forsee it being down for long.

Main site is down again  

Posted by: AM-Addiction

Unfortunately looks like the site is down again for the 3rd time in 2 weeks. Its going to take another 16 hours before I can contact the host.

Request Links  

Posted by: AM-Addiction

While the site is down, if there is any movie you wanted to watch but didnt get the chance to get it on the main site, ask here. I will provide the links here during any downtime of the main site.

Site is down again  

Posted by: AM-Addiction

Looks like the site is down again, I am really sorry about this. Unfortunately, due to where to host is, I will not be able to contact them at least for another 16 hours or so. Hopefully I will get them before the weekend or else I'll have to wait untill Monday.

Again I am sorry for the inconvinience and thank you for your patience.

Main site is back up  

Posted by: AM-Addiction

After 4 days, the main site is back up again.

Site is down  

Posted by: AM-Addiction

I am aware that the site is down. Its been about 24 hours since it went down. I am trying to contact the webhost but to no avail. I will keep trying.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconviniece.